Guilty as charged!

Greetings and welcome to the first blog of 2015 for this Fit Fat Girl.

Yes, I’ve been a very bad Fit Fat Girl!  Fall of 2014 started off with a commitment to being accountable.  It included Measurement Mondays, Photo Fridays, a flurry of bootcamp classes. lane swimming and doing the Transform 30 program.  15 inches lost and the other results were impressive!  It was that point when people who know you start to take notice of the big changes.  Some even shared that they felt inspired…and then…Christmas happened.

Bad, Bad, Bad Girl!  In my defence, my crime was not overindulging in treats and extravagant dishes that are served but once a year.  I am guilty of putting workouts too low on the priority list.  It’s something we’ve all done at some time.

The upshot is that it’s never too late to reboot and take the first steps back in that pair of running shoes.  So here goes…one simple step, get back in the game.  How is your New Years Resolution going?  If you didn’t make one, are you in?


A flattering handover…

Wowza!  That most recent blog post from Stephanie, FitFatGirl Alumni was incredibly flattering! Thank you Stephanie for your support both on the emotional and technical side of things AND for a beautifully written transition.  There’s good reason you’ve had such a following, a person’s world is only as big as their heart and your online community is a reflection of that big world!

Yes, it’s true. Fit Fat Girl is undergoing some shifts and while the face of FFG is changing, the fundamental mission remains the same.  Knowing that, I hope you’ll hanging around for the ride cause it’s going off-road and bumpy! I’m tinkering with and the site will go live very soon.

So Hello there, my name is Nicole and when I first started conversing with Stephanie I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by how similar our perspectives and outlooks were.  My purpose and motivation to assume Fit Fat Girl mirrors Stephanie’s intent.  So I’m going to go ahead, truck on through like she did, be vulnerable in my journey to wellness in the hopes that someone, somewhere will be inspired to take the first step towards better health.

As a mom of 5 great kids that are getting ready to flee the nest it has been a long time coming that I take a hard look in the mirror and start investing in myself again.  I attended my first bootcamp in September on my 40th birthday.  The folks in the group were asking “why on earth are you here on your birthday?!”.  What better day to recommit to reclaiming myself?  Aleast that’s what I was saying until later that day when I was lifting my fork full of birthday cake to my mouth like a T-Rex. Oooff!  Wakey, wakey triceps and biceps.

There’s a lot to wake up to, but as I’ve heard it said “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”. So here’s to new beginnings and pushing outside the comfort zone!

To New Beginnings

By: Stephanie Nash

Friends, it’s the end of an era for me, and the start of something new (you know, like in High School Musical. You know you want to watch it.)

This is officially my last post as the Fit Fat Girl, not because I have ceased to be fit or fat, but because I want to broaden my horizons for writing about my life, my passions and Things That Are Important To Me.

Not that being fit, or general issues about women’s health and body image stuffs are no longer important to me, because they ARE. They are just not the only important thing, and at this moment in my life, I don’t want to be defined by them. As the old song goes, I gotta be me, and right now, ME means casting a wider net for my ramblings.

I am super psyched to tell you, though, that the FFG will not die. I had the pleasure of connecting recently with Nicole, who will be stepping into the role of Head Fit Fat Girl around here and wowing and inspiring you with HER awesomeness and general badassery.

Nicole ROCKS, you guys, and in many ways is way more qualified than I am to take on this role. She’s worked as a social worker for over 15 years, with a good portion of her work focusing on mental health and domestic violence. In her words: “It has never ceased to amaze me how hard women are on themselves, how most carry negative self talk and self-image! Years of counseling women has taught me that the greatest motivator is someone who is inspired for change, inspired to reach higher, inspired to expect better from and for themselves.” Nicole is DEFINITELY that person.

We are talking about a hot mama who says she’s always felt beautiful and confident with her extra curvaceous body…and celebrated her 40th birthday by attending her first bootcamp class! She is now totally hooked on being powerful and strong and seeing how far she can push herself on her personal fitness journey.

She is going to lay down some serious awesomeness on this blog for sure! I can’t wait to read about her journey and insights. So you’ll slowly see the changes as she replaces my photos and updates with her own.

As for me…well, I hope you’ve had enough fun reading my crazy random thoughts that you’ll want to continue.

If you haven’t already (and THANKS if you have), check out my new blog.

If you haven’t already (and THANKS if you have) “like” the new Facebook page.

This is a bittersweet time for me. It’s both sad and scary for me to let go of FFG as I move into uncharted territory. I know it’s in good hands…but I think a part of me is nervous that I’m not sure who I’ll be without FFG as a back up plan.

At the same time I am totally pumped to move into new turf, and transitioning FFG to Nicole is kind of the push I needed to get off my ass and do it. To be legit about it instead of just letting everything hang out there, half-finished and half-started at the same time…and being able to see FFG grow into something new and different, too.

I want to thank all of you for taking this ride with me–and, I hope, continuing as I take a left turn and head in a new direction. So buckle up, people! (And make sure you don’t forget the snacks.)