Hello there…

It’s no secret from the title of this blog that I’m fat. For now. I’m on a journey to transforming my mind and body to be stronger and I want to use this fat to my advantage.  That’s right! Use the fat.  What? Fat isn’t an advantage!  Well actually folks, being fat has an upside. When I do a pushup, I’m lifting waaaaaay more than the girl next to me.  Simple as that.   Hands down I am stronger than most of the women I know, afterall I’ve been training by hauling around the equivalent of an 8 year old for a while now.

So why blog all this?  Won’t it be embarassing to be so public about my journey?  This is a way to keep myself accountable and possibly to motivate and inspire others to take healthy action.

So I invite you to pop in from time to time, but you should know a few things about me.  I’m going to be painfully real. I may swear. I will not sugarcoat stuff and I will definitely not do the whole “I’m okay, you’re okay, so let’s congratulate ourselves for being mediocre” thing. That’s not how I roll.  I know my health sucks right now and it’s going to start cascading into worse things.  I know that I have to make changes or I won’t be on this earth long enough to enjoy my golden years.  There are lots of people who need me to shape up before I ship out, but mostly it’s me now and I believe in myself.   Hard work and perseverance will pay off.

Here is what I need from you.  Make me accountable.  Comment on my progress.  Join me.  Submit your Photo Friday progress.  Hold your breath and send me your measurements.  And for goodness sake DON’T get on a scale!  That’s not what this is about.  It’s about how your clothes fit, how strong do you feel?  How long can you hold a plank for?  Can you climb the 3 flights of stairs at work instead of riding the elevator? Can you challenge yourself?

Will there be haters and trolls along the journey?…guaranteed!  That only means that I’m reaching a broader audience so bring it!

Your Fit Fat Girl,



I am not a doctor. I am not a trainer. I am not a nutritionist. I am not a psychologist, psychic, or a guru either. I take advice from people who are and you should do the same if you’re on a fitness journey like me.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the way you describe your outlook on your journey. I can relate to many of your “revelations” and I agree it is a process. It is amazing what can be accomplished if you set your mind and body to it. In the past 2 years, I have achieved many physical challenges that have carried over to success in our areas of my life…carry on the fight…good luck…work hard!!!

  2. Hi Steph! We’ve never met, but I’m a fellow Tuff Girl, and I gotta say many of your posts are really resonating with me. As a fellow writer, I also have to say that you are doing an amazing job with this blog. I think you’re hilarious and spot on and I can’t wait to read more!

    • Hi Joy! Thanks so much for reading and your kind compliments. 🙂 Glad you are finding them relatable, and I hope to see you at class sometime. I’m a morning girl…how about you?

      • Two weeks later I am replying to your comment, because I am right on top of things, apparently. I hope to meet you too, but alas, I love the night life. You go at dark thirty, and I just can’t imagine that right now. Someday I want to try it. Maybe we’ll meet at some TG function/ race / whatever- I’ll be sure to introduce myself and say hello!

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