Breathless at Warmup


So dear friends of this Fit Fat Girl, it has been about 8 weeks since my official return to the workout world.  Many of you have requested updates and so we begin with being breathless…

Early September, oh those first few weeks were pretty rough.  Arriving at ITS Bootcamp daily, ready and willing with strong mind and body.  Yoga mat prepared for my favorite part of bootcamp, the cool down.  Yes, I am that girl.

Cue the loud throbbing music.  Push ups? No problem! Jumping jacks? Yeah! Calf raises? Feels good!  Full body extensions? I’m on it!  Yesssss, I’m in the zone, champion bootcamper, totally slaying this and that’s when I hear my instructor Krista yell “Ok! Let’s get started!”. Ummm, whaaaaaat?!  Let’s get started? I’m killing it here and she’s suggesting THAT was just the warmup??!!  Oh boy, it’s going to be a long hard road back to wellness.

So often we get hung up on big measurable like the scale or measuring tape.  I avoided those like the plague since I wouldn’t be seeing changes worth shouting out on Facebook.   Over the next few weeks the smallest gains started to appear and those are what I took note of.  No longer breathless running up the stairs at home, unloading a $700 Costco grocery shop didn’t have me crying for a nap, the mutts started getting walkies every day, sleeping more soundly, clothes fitting a little looser and plank time goes from 20 seconds, to 30 seconds, to 40 seconds and then holding for a glorious minute of full on tremoring muscles, but it’s happening.  Baby steps were happening and I have to say that those are perhaps the most hard won.

By week 4, I had quad muscles showing up ready to do what quads are supposed to do.  This meant at week 6 brought the happy day I skipped putting on that clunky, hinged, velcro tangle monstrosity of an aircast.  Yes, FFG folks, that’s it…the BIG update, the monumentous victory after 8 weeks devoted to getting strong, was as simple as taking off the knee brace.  It’s victory in the small battles that will eventually win the war.  So whether you are 5 pounds away from your goal or hauling around 150 extra pounds, we need to acknowledge and celebrate our successes.  Even if it means feeling like a champ for just getting dressed in our work out gear and tying up those runners.  You will get there, you will get strong and you will remember that strength doesn’t come from thing you already can do, it comes from being victorious doing the things you thought you couldn’t ever achieve, even if it leaves you breathless.

A big shout out to the lasses as ITS Fitness, Krista Kot, Shasta Wick and Sonia Machado for making my workouts a safe place to reach for my best no matter how deep I have to dig.

Until next time, Yours in the battle

The Fit Fat Girl on Fire…


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