The UPside to being down…

My, my, my!  My efforts of getting back on the road to wellness fell flat, literally!  A couple weeks ago disaster struck by way of an epic wipeout while at agility class for Angus, the puppy.  As a thought maybe they should offer a pre-requisite Agility For Owners class?   After I regained consciousness I instantly knew this was a sinister version of your average recreational sporting injury.   Multiple fractures and torn ligaments in my left leg has me sporting a full meal deal air cast contraption.   Now before I go any further I need to tip my hat to all those who are challenged with health and mobility restrictions. I have been humbled greatly and reminded to value my health more.  It’s very true that sometimes a person cannot deeply appreciate what they have until it is gone.

So now for my answer, what’s the upside to being down?  Read on Friends of Fit Fat Girl…

The first ‘upside’ was through the eyes of my kids.  The Ortho Doc lined up a handicap parking permit.  There was fist pumping and cheers when the offspring determined they were being gifted instant VIP celebrity status, front of the line parking whenever they are out with Mom.  Reality hit them hard when they realized this also meant wrestling the wheelchair in and out of the family vehicle AND pushing Mom wherever she wanted to go.

On a serious note, those first few weeks were very, very tough.  Severe and constant pain.  You know the kind of pain that makes the blood drain from your face and stars appear?  I found myself getting really down about my limitations.  My subconcious was inviting me to a daily raging pity party about the unfair derailment in my life. BUT then I noticed something very interesting happening AND it had everything to with being a Fit Fat Girl!  It dawned on me that I could use my disadvantage TO my advantage!  We all know the science behind muscle, the more weight lifted or reps you do, the more your physique responds.  Well this FFG is pulling around her weight and getting quite the set of pipes as a result.  For example, allow me to introduce the ButtScooch Stairclimber.  This is a better than any set of gymbench Tricep dips or Gluteus Bun Burners! Next on the workout is the WalkerShuffle Shoulder workout guaranteed to be as effective as a Military Press.  Now add to that high rep Abdominal Crutch Crunches as you control the swing of your legs between those cold metal contraptions.  And my personal favorite, the Bulging Bicep Bends that are an easy set as you lift your wheelchair in and out of your trunk. Make sure to end your day long workout with stretches like Straight Leg Sock Removal Reach and Dancer Pose Laundry sorting.

Yes, FFG folks there can be UPsides to being down.  2 weeks to the surgical consult that hopefully determines I can start trying to walk again.  3 weeks to getting in a pool and get moving a bit more.  Be safe out there!