Guilty as charged!

Greetings and welcome to the first blog of 2015 for this Fit Fat Girl.

Yes, I’ve been a very bad Fit Fat Girl!  Fall of 2014 started off with a commitment to being accountable.  It included Measurement Mondays, Photo Fridays, a flurry of bootcamp classes. lane swimming and doing the Transform 30 program.  15 inches lost and the other results were impressive!  It was that point when people who know you start to take notice of the big changes.  Some even shared that they felt inspired…and then…Christmas happened.

Bad, Bad, Bad Girl!  In my defence, my crime was not overindulging in treats and extravagant dishes that are served but once a year.  I am guilty of putting workouts too low on the priority list.  It’s something we’ve all done at some time.

The upshot is that it’s never too late to reboot and take the first steps back in that pair of running shoes.  So here goes…one simple step, get back in the game.  How is your New Years Resolution going?  If you didn’t make one, are you in?


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